NBC Minerals Team

Praveen Amancha
CEO & Founder

Dr. Amancha is founder and Chief Executive Officer of NBC Minerals LLC. Prior to founding NBC Minerals LLC, Dr. Amancha was a scientist in the biotechnology sector. He received a PhD in biology and has vast experience in exploring, analyzing, developing natural compounds as useful materials in the field of medical, energy and oil field sectors using advanced biotechnological methods. He developed several innovative biotechnological methods to explore natural resources into useful compounds. He achieved several patents in different sectors for developing and commercialization of natural compounds. Dr.Amancha is specialized and prior knowledge in supply chain management and Marketing and has vast experience in handling Customer Relationship. He transforms the Customer requirement to reality and he is the SPOC between us and our Clients.

Suresh Koduru

Dr. Koduru is an enthusiastic Industrialist and entrepreneur. He has 18 years of rich experience as a pharma sector and as businessmen. He holds a PhD in Biological Sciences. Dr. Koduru has a track record of success in investing and as a consulatnt to pharma companies. With expertise in managing companies and increasing their value, he has been instrumental in leading the company to successfully achieve double-digit growth by building a business that provides. All his previously attained skills are transferable to working in pharma sector to Oil fields & Energy Industries.

Yeshpal Mareddy

Mr. Yeshpal is a Chief Financial Officer of NBC minerals, he worked for Indian government commercial taxing for 10 years. He has vast experience in commercial taxing, public accounting in tax compliance and planning, as well as small business accounting and consulting. He is dedicated to helping clients make intelligent financial decisions and ethically minimize tax liability. His patience and determination ensure that every client is treated with high regard.

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